A Direct Cremation is a simple, straight forward type of cremation that is now being chosen by an increasing number of people.

Unlike a traditional funeral, there is no one present at the cremation and no ceremony takes place. Instead, the body is collected and cremated immediately after death, rather than waiting for a viewing or funeral to take place before hand.

After the cremation, the ashes are returned to the loved ones, and can be kept or scattered according to their wishes. A ceremony or memorial can then be organised at a time and location that suits family and friends.

For people who don’t want a formal, traditional funeral service, a direct cremation can be particularly appealing, as well as those who aren’t religious or who have family and friends with different beliefs.

This type of cremation also appeals to those who simply can’t afford a traditional funeral service, as well as people wanting to bring someone who has died abroad back to their own country.

We are one of the few funeral directors who offer this option. We offer Direct Cremation services across the North West, including Cumbria.

If you opt for a Direct Cremation, we will arrange for the person who has died to be taken into our care, before arranging the cremation.

Our Direct Cremation Service includes the following:

  • Oak veneered coffin
  • Transport to the Crematorium
  • Transport of deceased into our care
  • Dressing and care of the deceased

After the cremation, the ashes can be either collected by a loved one, scattered in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium, or delivered to you by a specialist courier.


We are dedicated to making sure that we give you choices. Our affordable funeral offers a package with quality at an affordable price and includes:

  • Transportation of the deceased into our care from hospital during normal working hours.
  • Doctors fees.
  • Care for the deceased at our chapel of rest.
  • A fully lined, veneered oak coffin with six gold effect handles and nameplate suitable for cremation.
  • A hearse and staff will be provided on the day of the funeral and will meet you at the crematorium.
  • Minister, Humanist or Celebrant of your choice with costs up to £150.
  • Your local crematorium fee* Any other disbursements chosen will be at an additional cost.
  • We can offer a family car to follow at a cost of £150.
  • Order of service at £2 each.
  • Floral tributes from our experienced and dedicated florist (Prices on application).


*Burial fees differ at each cemetery so please contact us for details.

The Fixed Price Burial Service includes your choice of Cemetery. We will liaise with the cemetery of your choice, to ensure all your requests are satisfied.

Funerals can be arranged as quickly as a week, or extra time can be provided if needed, the choice is completely yours. We will ensure that the funeral runs smoothly and that your loved one is given the perfect send-off, from either our Funeral Home or your Family Home to the Cemetery.

This service also includes:

  • Traditional hearse and attendants at the Funeral Service
  • All Funeral Directors Fees and Services, including all of our fees
  • You can select whether members of the family and friends with to carry the deceased down the aisle or, alternatively, our highly trained and respectful staff can do this for you if required
  • Provision of All Funeral Service arrangements
  • 24 Hour Private Transfer of your loved one to our Funeral Home
  • Unlimited viewing and visiting of your loved one – you are more than welcome to pay your respects to your loved one in our private rooms, where they are kept safely and respectfully until the day of the funeral
  • Personal care of your loved one until the day of the Funeral
  • A Distinctive Traditional Hand Veneered Oak Coffin – the coffin will be dressed, Lined and Fitted, Gold Handles, Wreath Holders and Engraved Breast Plate
  • All Associated fees, which includes the cost reopening the existing grave

What if I don’t own a grave? 

If you don’t own a grave we can arrange the purchase of one for you at the cemetery of your choice. Please be aware that if you are not a resident of your preferred cemetery’s borough/parish, then the cemetery may charge an additional fee called a ‘non-residents fee’. This can twice the cost of an internment fee.


Our horse-drawn hearse funeral comes with all the same features as the traditional funeral.

You can choose either black horses or white horses.

Please call to arrange an appointment with a Funeral Director

Appointments can be arranged at your home or our offices.